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Midwest Ultima Pro Double Door Dog Crate

The Midwest Ultima Pro series 30 dog Crate is a terrific solution for independent dogs, it's strong and double-walled for extra-strong holding power, and it comes with a soft bottom to ensure cleanliness. The dog Crate also extends a Door that can easily be opened, so animals can in turn have access to the outdoors, this dog Crate is top-notch for dogs large or small and is available in several colors and sizes.

Professional Dog Crates

The Midwest Ultima Pro series 24 dog Crate is enticing for professional dog crates, it is extra-strong Double Door folding mezzanine that is top-grade for large animals. The Crate presents a weight limit of 100 pounds and offers a Door size of 17 inches wide, the Midwest Ultima Pro series 36 dog Crate is a first-rate answer to your dog's needs. It is strong and folds up easily for straightforward transport, the second Door can be opened easily for access to your dog. This Crate is valuable for large animals or multiple dogs, Midwest Ultima Pro triple Door dog Crate is fabricated of extra-strong double-door fabric that can handle the pressure of several small dogs. It imparts a spacious inside capacity of up to 10 pounds and a spacious outside capacity of 10 pounds, the Ultima Pro triple Door dog Crate is first-rate for large or individual dogs or dog breeds that are difficult to handle other than with a regular crate. The Midwest stackable dog Crate is excellent for your next dog! This Crate is produced of sturdy materials and presents a Double Door to suit all your dog's puzzle pieces, the Crate is further basic to clean and is unrivalled for animals of all ages.