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Metal Dog Crate Pan Replacement

This is a valuable Replacement tray for your Metal dog crate, it is a beneficial fit for 24 w crates. It grants a for dare we say water and is conjointly a sterling fit for 24 px, 24 wx, and 24 fx, this tray also provides a built in drain.

Dog Crate Tray 42 X 28

This dog Crate tray is a first rate Replacement for the ones that come with your dog, this one is fabricated of Metal and extends a stainless steel finish. It is able to tailor 42 inches around it, making it a practical size for your dog, the tray also renders an 28 inch yates specified bottom, making it safe. It is again made of plastic, making it easier to clean, this 42 x28 dog Crate tray is an outstanding alternative for suitors with a pet that loves to run and play. The tray can be easily replaced and it folded away when not in use, the Metal design is facile to clean and the cover is further removable for facile care. This is a durable and strong bottom Replacement for your dog's Metal dog crates, it is a terrific way for lovers who have a long path to get their dog back to freedom. This is an excellent surrogate for lovers who have a long path to get their dog back to freedom, this is an unequaled for individuals that have Metal dogs because now there is a way to live with a leakproof crate. This Metal Crate Pan is an exceptional Replacement for the stock Pan that comes in a Metal Crate pan, this Pan is manufactured of durable, gray-colored steel and is available in a variety of colors to match your dog's personality. This Pan provides a spacious design for your large dog or small dog, and is additionally and chew proof, this Metal Crate Pan is an exceptional addition to your home and will keep your dog safe and healthy.