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Medium Dog Crates

Our Medium dog crates are peerless surrogate to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable, the wood style is exquisite for any home with a large floor space. The double door end table makes sure your dog always safe and comfortable.

Dog Crate Medium Size

The dog crate is best-in-the-class for small furry creatures that desire to live a big life, this soft and foldable pet kennel will keep your dog safe and comfortable, even on the go. The petite size is unequaled for smaller dogs or dogs that are small for their size, the dog crate is likewise top-notch for dogs who are leaving for a long trip, or who need to be close to someone else. This is a large dog crate kennel cage night stand end table pet furniture for small dogs, it is manufactured of durable materials to provide a sturdy place for your small dog to stay safe and comfortable. The table is height adjustable to tailor most dogs, and offers a soft, heavy-gripping headboard to keep your dog comfortable and safe, this foldable dog crate is first-rate for small or big dogs and cats. The durable plastic material is lightweight and facile to carry, making it excellent for traveling, the ouse dogs and cats can travel with ease in this crates. The pet friendly nature of this crate means that your pet can come and go as they please, the crate comes with a few items such as a dog bowl and a few toys. This large modern furniture dog cage end table is exquisite for your pet, it is wooden and provides a kennel pet crate and double doors. The table is large and can hold a lot of gear, including a dog, this table is top-rated for a large or small home.