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30 Inch Dog Crate

This large foldable kennel crate is perfect for small dogs or dogs younger than 6 months old. It is a great choice for petting or as a new owner's way ofseaing corage. The large foldable kennel can hold up to a 2 dogs and is easy to set up and take down. The divider between the metal door and the kennel does not need to be perfect, but it is done well in this crate. The large tray contains food, water, and a couple of flags. The foldable kennel can be easily accepted by dog owners as a safe and secure place to put their dogs.

Medium 2 Door Dog Crate

Is your dog safe and healthy when you're gone? there's no need to worry about your dog feeling left out or feeling as though you're left alone with them. Our large and comfortable dog crates come with a safe lock and reliable system, so you can rest assured that your dog is safe when you're away. Our crates are the perfect way for your dog to feel at home and to feel like you care about their well-being.

Medium Double Door Dog Crate

This medium double door dog crate is made of heavy gauge metal and is perfect for large dogs. The 8 panel design means that dogs can have plenty of room to feel comfortable in the dog crate. The large size of the crate also means that dogs can have plenty of space to play and exercise. The panes de fortune making make this a perfect dog home - with everything you need including a panini press, you can make a wallet, both with one purchase! This is a great dog crate for those with large animals. It is made of heavy-duty plastic and has a 18-48 dog compartment. The pan cage can hold 16-24 dogs and the kennel can hold 24-36 dogs. The floor is heavy-duty plastic and the top is made of plastic for stability. The tray is also stable. There is a hole in the top for a key, and a tab for easy getting into and out. the 30 inch dog crate is the perfect size for large animals but is still sturdy and durable. It has an impact finish and is lightweight, making it easy to move around. The crate has a roomy inside for your animal's daily routine and toys. this playpen is for small dogs aged 24-30 months) and dogs aged 30-42 months. It is 8 panels tall.